Wild garlic pesto with courgetti

Forage for your own or buy it from your local veg store or market. In season in the Spring time wild garlic tastes slightly mellower than regular garlic, but contains all the same numerous health benefits. The main one being it's ability to help reduce blood pressure. The nuts are optional but add a bit of extra bite. Wild garlic pesto Ingredients: 100g wild garlic, washed 40g sunflower seeds 3 tbsp olive oil 40g roasted hazelnuts (no skins) - optional 1 tsp lemon juice P

Healthy snacks for kids

So another school term starts and your kids are coming home hungry and tired. Chocolate bars and crisps are an easy option I know, but let me tempt you with some healthier alternatives that should keep the hunger pangs away which your kids will love just as much... Apple and cinnamon rings (serves 4) These yummy apple rings are a great sweet treat, which are healthy. Apples contain insoluble fibre and pectin, both help keep your bowels regular, whilst cinnamon is a great an

Barbecues for vegans and meat eaters.

Hurrah, the sun is shining and the barbecues are out, but what do you do cook if you have to cater for meat eaters and vegans? Everyone loves a barbecue, there's something about the ease of slinging on a few burgers and sausages, maybe some kebabs and chicken wings whilst you relax in the sun with a chilled beer? Even for vegetarians it's easy to find a decent veggie version these days. But what if you're vegan? Not having delved into the world of vegan sausages before I s

More veg please!

I had no idea when my daughter decided she wanted to become vegan, just how much it would benefit all of us as a family. Transitioning to a plant based diet, especially when its only one of you in your family that's making the move, does have it's ups and downs. We often don't eat the same meal which can be trying, though I try and keep the basis of it the same for all of us and just add or take away elements, it does inevitably require a bit more planning to make sure you'r

"Mum, I'm going to become vegan".

"Oh - really?" I've never been against veganism and I'm all for eating a mostly plant based diet, but did I want my eleven year old to become vegan? To be honest my initial reaction was no, I didn't. On a selfish basis I knew to eat well (nutritionally well), I'd have to start cooking differently for her and that would mean more work for me to make sure she was eating all the nutrients she required as a growing girl. I was (and still am) concerned that it was a nutritionally

Bread glorious bread

This week marks the end of my three month abstinence of all things dairy and wheat not to mention peas, cannellini beans, kidney beans, yeast, almonds, cashews..... Am I feeling smug having got through a whole three months without some of my favourite foods? Excited that I may now be able to reintroduce them back into my diet? Oh how I have missed freshly baked bread. Many times over the last few months, I've clinged longingly to warm loaves of freshly baked bread, whilst

Kids, do you fancy some avocado on sourdough - no? Chocolate - yes?

If you are lucky enough to have kids that will happily devour avocado, nuts, seeds, homemade energy balls and only drink water, then I take my hat off to you. Whilst many of us, have a long list of foods that we'd like our kids to be eating , getting them to eat it is another matter. I do have some general snack rules in our family, which have varied over the years but two I have always stuck to, I very rarely buy sweets and for many years now, we never have biscuits in the